About us


From wine country to fine dining restaurants, wine shops, beer stops and even distribution...I have done it all. I have called five very different states home and now I am beyond excited to be BACK in Texas to settle down and share my passion. 

I am a Level II Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers since 2013 and one of only a handful in Central Texas!

I have always been intrigued by wine. It is a labor of love, both physically and mentally. It entwines passion, goals, ambition, family, friends and even foes. It is generational, but yet filled with new money disruptors. It is collaborative, yet can be the culmination of just one individual's dream. It is dirty and messy and organic and rough...and yet somehow the most sophisticated of tastes are drawn to it in droves. Wine draws some of the harshest critics, but yet can evoke the fondest of memories.

ANYONE can find a taste for it, especially with a little guidance. I have seen Moscato drinkers turn Cabernet, Franzia drinkers turn to the bottle, and the most discerning of palates discover a $10 favorite.  

What wine have you been afraid to try? What grape have you sworn off? Which producer do you always find yourself going back to again and again and why?