[mar- shawn - duh]

noun. feminine. a merchant who deals in, buys and sells a good or service. In this instance, all things related to wine.

connecting you to the wine

All are welcome...sommeliers, wine novices, everyday wine drinkers, tasting room sippers and those who celebrate life's moments among legends. Let's connect over your next bottle.

  • education & experiences

    Learn, gather, venture out and repeat. Be a part of the community with curated events, experiences and collaborations that take the grapes from the bottle to the glass to the table.

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  • at-home accompaniments

    Pairings go beyond ingredients and preparations, make sure you have the necessary tools to deliver a seamless and exciting wine experience, in the comfort of your own home. .

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  • wine recommendations + pairings

    Step into a new varietal, discover an off-the-beaten-path producer, a hidden winemaker or a gem of a vintage. Knowing when and how to buy and drink is key.

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  • personal sommelier + concierge

    Building out your cellar, hosting an event or just ready to try something new? With a sommelier at your side, your wine choices will be guaranteed to suit your preferences and your budget.

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  • hospitality consulting

    Stand out in your market with a beverage program backed by 20 years of experience in every aspect of food and beverage. From staff training, menu development, pour strategies and curated events; elevate your customer's experience in the front of house and behind the scenes.

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  • beyond the bottle

    Wine was never meant to stand alone. Travel beyond the last sip with food, brews, spirits, culture, locations, art, ambiance and style. Sharing our bottle and creating a lifestyle.

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