Treat Your Wine with a Little Respect

Where is your wine right now?  Is it in the fridge?  A closet?  A wine cooler? The kitchen counter? A cute wine rack above the fridge?

Wine storage is a crucial part of enjoying a bottle of wine to the fullest.  Wine likes to be in a dark, cool space with very little temperature variation.  We all know a person or two like that. 

If you have ever visited the underground cellars of Napa, Walla Walla or even Bordeaux, you can imagine the environment that your bottle of wine craves and thrives in.  A little damp, dimly let and a consistently cool atmosphere, even in the heat of summer with the earth surrounding it.

So how can we show your wine a little more storage respect?  Do you have a spare closet far, far away from the kitchen or bathroom? Mine is under the stairs.  A centrally located room, no sunlight, right next to my thermostat so I know the temperature is pretty close to where I set it.  Minimal vibration, well except Space X, and not close to any appliances that rumble like refrigeration, washers, dryers... you get the idea.   

If your wine came in a fancy wooden box, keep it.  Chances are the box has the wine laying on its side, and that is how it should rest if you are holding on to for longer than a month. You want your cork to actually be in contact with the wine to avoid cork shrinkage or for it to dry out. 

Not planning on keeping it longer than a few days or hours?  Then fine...the counter might be ok, but don’t forget about it. 

Let’s talk temperature again.  Think of the cool touch of freshly dug dirt and that is what you want.  If your room temperature is 72 degrees, its too hot.  55 degrees is your sweet spot.  Jacket weather.  If you are storing in a wine refrigerator…great.  Make sure to purchase a cooler that is specifically made for wine, since vibration over time will potentially damage your wine. 

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